Municipal Master Plans

Clarke Caton Hintz has developed many master plans for municipalities at all stages of development, from rural to urban. These projects analyze the environmental and existing land use conditions of a municipality, its vehicular and pedestrian circulation pattern, historic and cultural resources, recreational and community facilities, and regional context. From this base information, research is undertaken on population and other demographic trends to anticipate effects on land use and land development activities in the future. These findings are presented in a series of public forums to solicit comment. Goals and objectives for future land preservation, development and redevelopment are developed. Clarke Caton Hintz creates a new plan for the future development through this careful process of research, evaluation and land use scenarios to arrive at a master plan thoroughly tailored to the specific needs and desires of the municipality.
Municipal Master Plans (Featured projects in blue links)

  • Old York Village
  • Town of Clinton Master Plan
  • Turtle Back Zoo Master plan
  • Village Square
Municipal Master Plans
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