Automotive Technology Center

Brookdale Community College: Collins Arena and Recreation Center

Kean University: Occupational Therapy Clinic and Classrooms

Mercer County Community College: Kerney Hall

Mercer County Community College: Kerney Hall Lower Level

Mercer County Community College: Trenton Hall

Mercy College: Victory Hall Sports Center

Montclair State University: Mallory Hall

Montclair State University: Panzer Athletic Center

Montclair State University: Partridge Hall

Montclair State University: Rail Station and Garage

Montclair State University: Richardson Hall

Montclair State University: Sprague Field

Princeton University: 200 Elm Drive

Princeton University: Clarke Field

Princeton University: Class of 1895 Softball Field

Princeton University: Forbes College Library

Princeton University: Haaga House

Princeton University: Tower Club

Rowan University: Coach Richard Wackar Stadium

Rowan University: Engineering Hall

Rowan University: Rowan Hall

Rowan University: Westby Hall

Rutgers University: Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy

Rutgers University: John Cotton Dana Library Addition and Renovation

Rutgers University: Livingston Learning Center and Active Learning Classroom

Rutgers University: Mason Gross School of the Arts

Rutgers University: The Kathleen W. Ludwig Global Village Learning Center

Rutgers University: Tillett Hall

The New Jersey City University: Nursing Education Center

The New Jersey City University: School of Business

Thomas Edison State University: Center for Learning and Technology

Thomas Edison State University: George A. Pruitt Hall

Thomas Edison State University: Kelsey Building and Townhouses

Western Monmouth Branch Campus

William Paterson University: Skyline Hall

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