Clarke Caton Hintz Promotes Bicycling in Trenton

Members of Clarke Caton Hintz (CCH) promoted bicycling in the City of Trenton by setting an example of how easy it is to commute by bicycle. In celebration of National Bike Month and National Bike to Work Day, members of Clarke Caton Hintz bicycled to their office, at the Masonic Temple in downtown Trenton. To bring greater awareness of the day, area organizations were invited to participate – including NJ Future, Isles Inc. and the City of Trenton Planning Division. To relieve the bicyclists, the firm hosted an outdoor breakfast along the steps of the Masonic Temple. It is estimated that this event eliminated 30 pounds of carbon emissions.

National Bike Month comes every year in May with the Friday designated as Bike to Work Day. The benefits of bicycling range from reduced vehicle costs, reduced carbon emissions, enhanced air quality, reduced traffic congestion, and improved personal health and fitness.

Photographs by: Cindy Rashkin 

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