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  1. Bethlehem Township proposes controls over solar energy installations
    Posted on

    Rules and regulations about installing solar energy equipment to produce electricity are included in a new ordinance introduced by...

  2. Emily Goldman, PP, AICP
    Ms. Goldman is a professional planner with over 15 years of experience. Ms. Goldman has served and continues...

  3. CCH brings sustainable new life to a 1960’s building on the Rutgers University Livingston Campus
    Posted on

    Tillett Hall is one of the original buildings constructed on the Rutgers University Livingston Campus in 1967 (then called...

  4. Ribbon Cutting for Rowan University’s College of Engineering
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    Rowan University cut the ribbon for Engineering Hall at the Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering, doubling the architectural...

  5. Margaret Spillane Greco
    As a member of the Clarke Caton Hintz team, Maggie has over 30 years of design and project management...

  6. CCH helps Flemington Avoid Forfeiture of Affordable Housing Funds
    Posted on

    Although the governor would love to have Flemington’s COAH money to help balance the state budget, the borough has...

  7. The New Jersey City University: School of Business
    Architecture, Colleges & Universities, Design/Build, Education, Interior Design, Sustainability/LEED

  8. Michael Nelson
    Michael brings to the firm a far reaching and broad appreciation for design and the built environment. He...

  9. Stephen Doyle
    As an award winning architect and designer, Stephen brings over twenty years of experience in a wide variety of...

  10. Glassboro Town Square
    Landscape Architecture, Public Parks