Rowan University: Westby Hall

The Westby Hall renovation project consisted of a complete window and entrance system replacement for the northern façade of an existing building on the Rowan University Glassboro Campus. The building currently houses the Rowan University Arts Department and a Large Gallery space on the first floor. Coordination of a newly designed exterior courtyard adjacent to the first floor gallery space was also a part of this project.

The window systems were designed to maximize the amount of natural light within the classroom spaces as well as to update the exterior of the building to match the surrounding campus aesthetic. Special attention was paid to the detailing and selection of the glazing system for the gallery to protect the artwork from harmful ultra-violet radiation. A new horizontal sunshade was also added to the exterior of the gallery for further protection. The entrance adjacent to the new courtyard was accentuated with a new cantilevered glazing projection at the second floor and new curtain wall glazing to mark these doors as a main entrance. New building mounted light fixtures were provided to illuminate the new courtyard. Various stucco repairs occurred throughout and the stucco system for the entire façade was re-coated.

This project was completed on time with a very aggressive schedule during the summer recess; design, bid, and construction occurred during a six month period.


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