Trenton Makes Arts Complex, Conduit Music Club

The Trenton Makes arts and entertainment complex is an ambitious, 25,000 sf project that has transformed vacant historic buildings into a vibrant center of activity and redevelopment. Phase I included the construction of The Urban World Cafe. Phase II opened with the Conduit Music Club; retail space, including a bookstore, a record store, a photographer’s gallery; and 29 artist studios.

Trenton Makes is a redevelopment project whose purpose is two-fold: rehabilitate historic buildings and create an arts and entertainment center. These buildings had previously stood empty for several years, experiencing rapid deterioration from the weather and fires.

Continuous activities, from art openings, to dance classes, to Jazz performances, to cutting edge dance music, to wine-tastings, to Trenton’s own First Friday arts event have created an extraordinary buzz.


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Trenton Makes, LLC/Conduit Music Club

Trenton, NJ

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