West Trenton Rail Station

The West Trenton Rail Station, constructed in 1929, is an excellent example of neo-Georgian institutional design. While regular commuter rail service between Philadelphia and West Trenton continues, for budgetary reasons New Jersey Transit Corporation offered the station building, canopies and adjacent grounds for public sale.

Clarke Caton Hintz’s design philosophy was to preserve and restore the building’s essential details and to insert such new elements as would be required to accommodate the needs of a modern office operation. Toward that end, a new curved wall was installed in the former waiting room to separate the space into public and private uses. On the public side of the crescent are the entry, reception and visitor waiting area. On the private side are a main conference room and flanking professional work stations. The former storage area on the upper floor was re-used as open office area.

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Clarke Caton Hintz

West Trenton, NJ

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