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  1. Clarke Caton Hintz is on Instagram!
    Posted on

    Clarke Caton Hintz has joined Instagram! To get a quick look at some of our favorite images and get...

  2. Bethlehem Township proposes controls over solar energy installations
    Posted on

    Rules and regulations about installing solar energy equipment to produce electricity are included in a new ordinance introduced by...

  3. The Barn at Millstone Park
    Architecture, Commercial & Corporate, Commercial & Corporate, Historic Preservation, Interior Design, Rehabilitation

  4. Lambert Castle Gets Faithful Restoration
    Posted on

    Clarke Caton Hintz is pleased to share images from the successful completion of the first phase of the Lambert...

  5. East Brunswick High School Northwest Quadrant Fields
    Architecture, Athletic Facilities, Athletic Facilities, Education K-12, Landscape Architecture

  6. North Pemberton Train Station Restoration
    Historic Preservation, Preservation, Rehabilitation, Restoration

  7. The Cracker Factory: Market Rate, Multi-family, Adaptive re-use
    Architecture, Historic Preservation, Interior Design, Rehabilitation, Residential, Residential, Sustainability/LEED

  8. West Trenton Rail Station
    Architecture, Commercial & Corporate, Historic Preservation, Rehabilitation

  9. Museum of Contemporary Science
    Architecture, Civic & Cultural, Civic & Cultural, Historic Preservation, Interior Design, Preservation, Rehabilitation

  10. Passaic County Celebrates New Landscape Improvements at the Passaic County Arts Center
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    Recently the Passaic County Board of Commissions held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the second phase of the Passaic...