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  1. Bethlehem Township proposes controls over solar energy installations
    Posted on

    Rules and regulations about installing solar energy equipment to produce electricity are included in a new ordinance introduced by...

  2. Clarke Caton Hintz is on Instagram!
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    Clarke Caton Hintz has joined Instagram! To get a quick look at some of our favorite images and get...

  3. The Barn at Millstone Park
    Architecture, Commercial & Corporate, Commercial & Corporate, Historic Preservation, Interior Design, Rehabilitation

  4. East Brunswick High School Northwest Quadrant Fields
    Architecture, Athletic Facilities, Athletic Facilities, Education K-12, Landscape Architecture

  5. North Pemberton Train Station Restoration
    Historic Preservation, Preservation, Rehabilitation, Restoration

  6. Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office
    Architecture, Civic & Cultural

  7. Golden Swan: Market Rate, Multi-family, Adaptive re-use
    Architecture, Commercial & Corporate, Historic Preservation, Interior Design, Rehabilitation, Residential, Residential

  8. MCCC of Trenton awarded a 2019 Smart Growth Award
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    Montclair State University: Sprague Field
    Architecture, Athletic Facilities, Colleges & Universities

  9. CCH Wins Gold for NJCU School of Business
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    CCH has just received the prestigious 2016 Starnet Design Gold Award in the Education category for the New Jersey...