East Brunswick High School Northwest Quadrant Fields

A new brick masonry building will be constructed to provide Men’s and Women’s Restroom facilities as well as Concessions. The 3,000 sf structure will contain the code required number of fixtures for 3,900 patrons. In addition, the concession facility will provide multiple windows for counter access to fare of all sorts. The existing storage containers were replaced by a new 2,000 sf brick masonry storage building.

A new entry arch will be installed with brick masonry piers and a steel arch with individual pin mounted letters announcing the name of the facility. The press box at the home side grandstands will be expanded to approx. 300 SF to allow for multiple rooms. In addition, a new scoreboard will be installed, replacing the existing and listing the jersey numbers that have been retired.



East Brunswick School District


East Brunswick, NJ

Construction Type

New Construction

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