Historic Hunterdon County Courthouse and Jail

The Historic Hunterdon County Courthouse was the sight of the famed “Lindbergh baby” kidnapping trial. The project included the interior restoration and reuse of this 1828 courthouse. Also included was the renovation of the historic Hunterdon County Jail and Warden’s house. In the interstitial space between the structures, a new “link” was constructed to connect both buildings.
The first floor was renovated for office space while the second floor is home to the main courtroom. Using photographs taken during the “Trial of the Century”, the designs were able to replicate the former pressed tin ceiling and plaster medallion, the pressed tin walls, the historic lighting and the original furniture and dais.
The original cell block, located on the first and second floors, was restored for use as exhibit space. The remaining space within the building was renovated for use as office space.



Hunterdon County


Felmington, NJ

Construction Type

Historic Restoration