Hunterdon County Hall of Records

As a result of a dramatic increase in population, the demand for government services has increased within the County of Hunterdon. The Hunterdon County Hall of Records was the last part of the County’s Main Street Complex to be renovated in accordance with the facility master plan, also prepared by Clarke Caton Hintz. The Hunterdon County Hall of Records was erected in 1870. In 1928, the building was expanded to its current configuration.

The renovation occurred in two phases. The initial phase included immediate roof and cornice repairs necessary to stabilize the building. The final phase of the work entailed renovation of the remaining structure. This work included the complete upgrade of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems within the building. Existing interior spaces were renovation along with the exterior masonry roof and windows.


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County of Hunterdon

Flemington, NJ

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