Ocean County Justice Complex

To address increasing caseloads, security concerns and operational inefficiency, Clarke Caton Hintz prepared an overall Master Plan for the issues at the Ocean County Justice Complex. The plan creates distinct facilities for Civil, Family and Criminal Courts while consolidating secure checkpoints and satellite facilities. Civil and Family Courts will remain in renovated existing facilities while Criminal Courts will be relocated to a new annex.

The new Criminal Courthouse Annex will connect to the existing parking garage via a skybridge over Hooper Avenue. The primary security checkpoint will be the terminus of the bridge. Once through security, public and staff can enter the existing facilities as well as the new annex. The annex will contain (8) new criminal courtrooms, collegial chambers, criminal court offices, jury holding, probation, finance and the trial court administrator. Secure, separated parking for judge’s and sheriff’s vehicles will also be provided.


County of Ocean


Toms River, NJ

Construction Type

New Construction