Peninsula at Bayonne Harbor Redevelopment Plan

In 2003, the U.S. Army transferred ownership of the former Bayonne Military Ocean Terminal (MOTBY), the largest undeveloped site in NY Harbor, to the City of Bayonne. The City’s development program for the property includes construction of a new container port facility on the north side of the peninsula along the Port Jersey Channel. The south side of the site will be a world class mixed-use development containing housing, office, retail, entertainment and cultural facilities.

The plan organizes the south side of the peninsula into 5 neighborhoods connected by a traditional street gird and a strong system of public open spaces. Public access to the waterfront will be provided by a 2.25 mile extension of the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway. This walkway will provide both a pedestrian and bike path from existing neighborhoods out to Bayonne Point that has spectacular views of NY Harbor, the Statute of Liberty and lower Manhattan.

In the cove close to Route 440 existing wetlands will be enlarged and made more attractive. Facilities to support kayaking and a marina will be provided along the south shore.



Bayonne Local Redevelopment Authority


Bayonne, NJ

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