Turtle Back Zoo Sea Lion and Touch Tank Exhibit

CCH has designed a New Sea Lion and Touch Tank Exhibits at Turtle Back Zoo in the Township of West Orange. The new exhibit for sea lions is located in the center of the zoo and will be the main focal point for the entire zoo complex.

The exterior sea lion exhibit is a 200,000 gallon pool designed for (4) California sea lions in a naturalistic setting transporting visitors to the pacific northwest. The Exhibit features include views from underwater in a lower level exhibit area, at water level under a “sea-side” dock structure and above water at the “beach” area. Fog and mist emanating from artificial sources hidden by the waterfalls, will cool the area for both sea lions and guests in the summer. All exhibits have been designed to meet all local and federal guidelines including the USDA marine mammals guidelines and standards set forth by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA).



County of Essex


West Orange, NJ

Construction Type

New Construction