Trenton Central High School Boiler House

Lambert Castle & Carriage House

Passaic County Arts Center at the John W. Rea House

Hartley Dodge Memorial Plaza Rehabilitation

New Jersey City University – Monmouth Campus: Squier Hall

Roebling Lofts: Market Rate, Multi-Family, Adaptive Re-use

Samuel Fleming House

Stonerose Hall: Market Rate, Multi-family

Port Colden United Methodist Church

Tunis Cooper / Marchbank Estate

Garretson Forge and Farm

Webb Memorial Chapel

The Cracker Factory: Market Rate, Multi-family, Adaptive re-use

Samuel Lewis Southard Law Office

Hunterdon County Hall of Records

Eversole Hall House

Golden Swan: Market Rate, Multi-family, Adaptive re-use

Museum of Contemporary Science

Roebling Mansion: NJ League of Municipalities

Historic Hunterdon County Courthouse and Jail

Historic Morven

Pellettieri Homes: Senior, Affordable, Adaptive Re-use

Roebling Complex

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